It all began with an equipment web shop in 2008. The business was aimed at professional
soldiers who needed to purchase extra equipment and gear for their kits. Kristian Rasmussen and Casper Pedersen, founders of, had personal experience with the issue. They saw a gap in the market, took the initiative and launched a web shop selling the best equipment and gear for soldiers. developed very quickly after that, becoming much more than just a military gear and equipment web shop. Today has eight distinct web shop categories, selling gear and equipment to a wide range of customers, including customers who work in the military and law enforcement, and hunters and people who love the outdoors. The Aarhus company
employs 75 people and manages a web shop with over 30,000 products and 400 different brands.

“We have no idea about translation. It’s therefore important for us that we know for sure
that at World Translation, they have everything under control. Which means we can
rest easy and focus on what we do best – selling great gear and providing excellent service
to our customers.”


- Andreas Østergaard Pedersen, logistics manager at and




The web shop’s catalogue of products is extensive and continuously growing. has cracked the code when it comes to developing the business concept on an ongoing basis, and on several occasions has embraced new segments of the gear and equipment market.


With constant growth and designated a Gazelle company (one of the fastest growing companies in Denmark) by Danish business daily Børsen for five years in a row, the next obvious step for was to look at markets beyond Denmark. The plan really took shape during 2019 and 2020. The first step in the company’s journey to becoming international was the launch of the web shop in English.




If you want to launch an existing web shop onto a new market, there are several ways you can go about it. quickly decided to choose relevant products for the English language web shop:


“All of the products that we chose for the English website had to be translated.
To begin with, we selected about 1200 products out of a total of 8,000 products
that were available on our Danish website. We did it in batches, so we could import
the products into the English website on an ongoing basis,”
explained Andreas Østergaard Pedersen.


The managers at had no experience with major translation projects of this kind. This meant finding an excellent coordinator as a partner was alfa and omega. A partner who knows how to manage all the elements and who gets the job done successfully. learned about World Translation through its own network and from recommendations and
contacted World Translation.


“It all started with several meetings where World Translation were really good at
explaining the whole process. This was also one of the reasons why we chose World Translation. The project was a really major one for us. This meant it was important
that we found an excellent partner. And that’s what we got with World Translation,
who during the process, demonstrated that they know everything there is to
know about translation,”
said Andreas Østergaard Pedersen.



The decision to translate an entire web shop is a major one and many details need to be given careful consideration. Time also became a crucial factor for Why? Two words:

Black Friday.


A hugely important event you need to be ready for if you are a web shop owner. And the idea of being able to enter completely new markets before Black Friday had started, was the crucial starting point for the translation process. Time was of the essence. Thousands of words had to be translated from Danish to English to ensure that all of the relevant content was included. In such circumstances, it can be a real advantage if you involve several qualified translators in the project at the same time. Especially if you want translations that can keep up with this kind of process. For’s needs, using two talented translators to carry out the translation at the same time was the obvious choice.


“We were completely satisfied with our first project. There was a clear structure all along,
so it was manageable for us when the first parts of the translation were delivered.
It made it easy for us when planning the project in relation to our deadline,”
explained Andreas Østergaard Pedersen.


All of the English translations for were ready for Black Friday in 2020 – 32 days
after the translation started – a total of 160,000 words!


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