13 brick-and-mortar stores and a web shop with more than 10,000 products. This is the business that Eventyrsport, a Danish outdoor wear and equipment retail chain, has built up with great success. When the company’s web shop was launched on the Swedish market, different
freelance translators were responsible for translating the Danish content into Swedish.


But the sheer amount of texts exceeded the capacity of the freelancers. Then one of Eventyrsport’s own staff provided a good tip – get in contact with World Translation. This marked the beginning of a successful partnership, which continues to develop to this day.

“The collaboration has developed positively and we hope that we can
build on it in the future.”

Line Østergaard Rasmussen, Purchasing Coordinator, Eventyrsport






Eventyrsport’s origins date back to 1996 when two friends opened a small basement store in Aarhus (Denmark) that sold outdoor equipment. Since then, the company has grown
dramatically and today Eventyrsport employs 250 people and has 13 stores in Denmark. Eventyrsport also has its own web shop with more than 10,000 products and items designed for outdoor life. Some years ago, Eventyrsport entered the Swedish market with their web shop.


Eventyrsport had required translations over the years and had previously used freelancers to take care of the translation tasks. As time went by, the volume of texts increased and it became abundantly clear that the limited and varying number of hours that the freelancers could spend on the tasks was not sufficient to meet Eventyrsport’s needs.

“The benefits of collaborating with a language services provider became clear to us.
We gained much greater and more predictable capacity, with agreed deadlines for
the individual tasks,” 
says Line Østergaard Rasmussen, Purchasing Coordinator at Eventyrsport, emphasising some of the benefits of starting a collaboration with World Translation.





Despite Eventyrsport’s wide product range and the many texts that are required to be
translated, small chunks of identical web shop content are often re-used across texts, e.g.
technical specifications or descriptions of the fit of outdoor clothing. This requires the
completely correct technical preparation before the actual translation work is carried out. To work most efficiently with all of the texts, identical sentences that are reused over and over again, are extracted and translated once. Next, based on the results from the first translation round, the texts are “pre-translated”. This means that the many repetitions are already taken care of and now the remaining text can be translated.


Eventyrsport also needs a flexible long-term partner. Because it regularly adds products to its range of outdoor wear and equipment, it needs a dedicated language services provider able to deal with major translation tasks on an ongoing basis and ensure high quality every time.



In purely technical terms, Eventyrsport extracts product texts in a .csv file and sends the file to World Translation via the World Translation customer portal. The file type requires a little
preparation by World Translation’s in-house IT experts to make it ready for translation. Eventyrsport launches new product lines and collections on an ongoing basis and these are also translated into Swedish on an ongoing basis.


The continuous collaboration between Eventyrsport and World Translation has many
advantages. Because it is the same individual translator who translates the texts into Swedish, Eventyrsport gets a very consistent result over time and across all products:

“We’ve used the same translator every time, which results in consistent, high-quality
translations. We work with many technical terms and using the same translator
every time is clearly an advantage,”
says Line Østergaard Rasmussen.

The translator also learns the texts and writing style so well that she can find occasional
mistakes in the source text, which allows Eventyrsport to correct the mistake in their Danish web shop. This is why (as a fixed part of the process), all deliveries of translations come with a
delivery note if the translator has identified mistakes in the source texts or has a comment
relating to specific terms.




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