Professional translations are one of the keys to your international success.

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Professionalism is an excellent indicator of quality.

If your texts are translated by a professional translation agency, you do not personally need to proofread the translations. Translation agencies place stringent requirements on the quality of translations from their translators. Not only must the agency’s translators have relevant
educations and experience, they must also pass different tests in order to become an official translator for the translation agency.

A professional translation agency also has the capacity to carry out regular and ongoing quality checks on the translators’ work, which means you are ensured high quality today and tomorrow. When you use a professional translation agency, you also benefit from its large network of
professional translators.

In other words, quality is never compromised – the translation agency ensures that the best translator or translators – experts in your field – are used.

Remember to clarify whether you need a translation agency
that is certified in accordance with applicable standards.


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If you want to ensure that your tone of voice and your industry or company-specific terminology is used consistently, choosing a professional translation agency is the best choice. A professional setup using the most effective and efficient translation technology and associated translation tools (e.g. terminology databases) is alpha and omega in this respect. And in choosing a
professional translation agency you get exactly that.

By using translation technology, the content of your translated texts can be reused whenever the same words, sentences and phrases are used again in your new texts and those new texts are to be translated. In other words, you are ensured uniformity whenever you send several texts for translation at the same time.

You are also ensured uniformity today and tomorrow, because new translations are always
automatically compared and aligned with your previous translations in the relevant language combination.





Quality costs money. Most of us agree that this is the case – and it’s true most of the time.
Price is always something that you need to consider.

But when just looking at price, it’s important to consider the pitfalls that come with a cheap solution. Can you be sure that the results meet your expectations?
In the worst cases, you may have to start again, which means you’ve wasted both time and money.

If you have many texts that need to be translated, and further texts coming up for translation on an ongoing basis, choosing a professional translation agency delivers value for money.
And why? Because you are ensured a fair price model. You only have to pay the full price for the translation of a particular sentence when the sentence is to be translated for the very first time. From then on, if the same sentence is reused wholly or partially in new texts that are to be
translated, you only have to pay a correspondingly reduced price for the sentence in the new translations.

Confused? Set up a short online meeting with Peter Davidsen
and let him walk you through the price model.





Are you really willing to only use a single supplier for an important service? Can you afford to wait for delivery, if your freelancer is fully booked, sick, on holiday or unavailable?

If reliability of delivery is an important factor for you, you need to choose a professional
translation agency that can accommodate all of your translation tasks. Choosing a professional translation agency means that you can rely on a whole network of specialised and experienced translators. In this way, you can be sure that there is always one or more translators ready to carry out your translation tasks.

In addition, you are also able to agree with the translation agency about what your highest
priorities are: whether you wish to always use the same translator or translators to carry out your translation tasks, even if this means slightly longer delivery times than you had hoped for, or whether a “new” translator (i.e. new as far as your translation tasks are concerned) can carry out your translations, so that you get them back as quickly as possible.

If you have many long texts that need translating in one or more
specific language combinations, then get your translation agency
to put together a team of dedicated translators who will become
experts in your texts. This will help you avoid bottlenecks in the
translation process.


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Time is money, so almost everyone says yes to process optimisation and shorter work routines.

By choosing a professional translation agency, you get competent advice given by experts in the field. Perhaps your translation workflow can be optimised in areas that you had never
considered. A professional translation agency has experts in all of the areas that have an impact on your translation process – not just the translation itself, but also project managers, IT experts, DTP specialists, developers and other professionals.

Project managers are key figures in ensuring smooth collaboration with your translation agency. They are your direct contacts, responsible for initiating tasks and they have a professional
overview of every step in the process. They are also talented linguists, strategists and team

The IT experts and developers ensure that the technologies and tools are used effectively and efficiently – dealing with everything from file preparation involving complicated file formats, to perfecting integration solutions. And the DTP specialists are layout experts. They ensure that the graphical layout of the translations looks just as good as the source files (layout can in fact be a difficult thing to achieve when a file is translated), or generally help with the setting up of your content.

In other words, you get a team of talented professionals who are as dedicated as you are when it comes to setting up the best, most optimal workflow.


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